September 22, 2011

Chapter 3: Invitation


Warnings: Death, painting the fourth wall

September 6, 2011

Still alive...

Oh damn. Two chapters in and I'm already doing this.

I wouldn't say that things have been crazy, but time has just kind of wandered away from me. First, I got Seasons and Apartment Life in late July, so I've been playing around with those for a while. One of my favorite things about the Sims 2 (other than actually playing the game) is checking out all of the new stuff that comes with the expansion packs. I'm a very match-y person, so I want to look through all of the folders, and I want to redecorate every single house, etc. I also did an impromptu Asylum Challenge to play with decorations, but they're on the third winter and nobody's died. I swear, they just want to spite me.